Our Customers

People With Disabilities & Special Needs

CareVacations provides a variety of equipment for people with disabilities and special needs to help them enjoy their cruise vacations. CareVacations offers rentals and services for people with respiratory illnesses, people with mobility limitations resulting from illnesses such as M.S., ALS, Parkinson’s disease, Cerebral Palsy, spinal cord injuries, etc. CareVacations also offers an array of services and products for passengers with unique requests such as special dietary requests, service animal products, etc.

Mature Adults

Baby boomers are the fastest growing demographic in the United States and CareVacations’ largest group of clients. As we age, our bodies can start to slow down, our endurance may not be what it was when we were younger, and aches and pains come more easily. CareVacations is committed to helping baby boomers overcome these obstacles by offering equipment that will help them go farther, and go longer. Mature adults no longer have to be intimidated by the grand size of the cruise ships or the vast acreage of the amusement park; no more “I’ll catch up with you” while stopping to rest. CareVacations electric mobility equipment is the perfect solution.

Slow Walkers

Countless people suffer from injuries which limit their mobility which often causes them to forego vacations. With our variety of rental equipment, people who have injured themselves or had recent surgery no longer have to miss their dream vacation. CareVacations equipment is a perfect solution for temporary physical limitations of people who are scheduled to travel.